Jonathan “Wolf” Rentzsch

Wolf Rentzsch is an independent Apple & web developer out of Chicagoland.

He grew up a country boy in the cornfields of Wisconsin. The family farm is where the red shed, his company’s namesake, is still located. In his adolescence he moved to Chicagoland, where he was able to indulge his love of computers by reading literally every computer book at his now-much-larger local library. After teaching himself C++ he attended his first conference, the famed MacHack.

A regular attendee of MacHack, he created mach_override and mach_inject to reenable the kind of awesome software-bending on OS X that was commonplace on the Classic Mac OS. When MacHack ended, he created the acclaimed C4 conference to fill its void. He went on to create mogenerator, lead ClickToFlash, and co-hosted the Edge Cases podcast. Currently he works as a cofounder on a still-in-stealth developer tool startup.