Philippe Casgrain

Philippe is a long-time Mac and Cocoa developer who still has fond memories of his beloved Mac IIci and MPW.

After working for eight years on Corel Painter, and three years on porting many, many (video) games to the Mac, he is now Lead Developer for Lightspeed OnSite, a Mac-based point-of-sales system.

With many personal small apps on the App Store, some of which are open-source, Philippe spends a lot of time in the community. He is a co-founder and organizer of Cocoaheads Ottawa-Gatineau and has created the NSNorth Conference, now in its third year, with his partner Dan Byers.

Along with Philippe Guitard, he is the co-host of the Cacaocast podcast, now in its sixth year, the premier podcast for french-speaking Cocoa developers. He certainly hopes to meet more listeners as he travels to the Old Continent.

This last year, Philippe has been gathering information about sustainable pricing for apps, trying to avoid the race to the bottom. This has recently become a hot topic, and he hopes he can help you make sense of it all with his talk at Objective-Cologne 2015.

Video: Skype Call with Philippe Casgrain