Location & Dinner

Yeah, and Drinks! All inclusive!

Enough of the “usual” hotel for a Conference? Well we found something “different” for you. What about an old Auction House, in the middle of a Market?
Yup, that’s what we found. It’s called “Alte Versteigerungshalle” in German and it’s pretty amazing. Check this out:

Old Auction house (Alte Versteigerungshalle) – Marktstraße 10 – 50968 Cologne – Germany



As for the food, it will be provided by 2 amazing Companies. During the days, lunch will be provided by Kaiserschotte. As you may know, your ticket gives you as well entrance to the Conference Dinner, which will not be at the main location, but a few hundred meters away, provided by Porschen Art Cooking.

Köln Kochschule, Porschen Art Cooking (Kölner Küchenloft) – Bonner Straße 242 (Hof), 50968 Köln


Although the price does not include accomodation, we have right now 2 “solutions” for you. The “Hotel” options, which you can find in this PDF is the “closest” nearby hotels. The “cheaper” option is probably the one the conference organisation will choose though, and this is, for now, the Youth Hostel in Deutz. This one has also the advantage of being more in the center of the city, where you might want to spent your time before / after the conference. If you go there (Youth Hostel), be sure to mention you come for the “Apple Developer Conference” as we try to make a “group” there.


Once you’ve booked your ticket, you might as well go ahead and book your Train (to Cologne “Hbf”/Central Station) or Flight (to Cologne/Bonn “CGN” airport), if you don’t come by car. We’ll give attendees more details about how to reach the different locations (old Auction House, Hotels, …) should they need it.