Est. 2012, ObjCGN has proven to be a great conference for Cocoa Developers. It means we’re onto iOS, but also Mac, and now, obviously Watch. The original name was obviously about Objective-C, but this year’s conference will be totally focussed on Swift. As a matter of fact, we considered renaming ourselves “SwiftConf” (we got that domain name, mind you!) but we stick to our original name as a mark of respect for our beloved ObjC, as well as the beautiful city of Cologne.


colonge The central location of the conference makes it easy to reach from any European location via plane or train (Thalys, ICE, …) and you can’t fly to Cologne, Brussels and Frankfurt are both 2 hours driving/train from “Köln” (pronounced /kəˈloʊn/, which once was Colonia).

ObjCGN? That short CGN is our Airport code, and can you guess what those carets are between our Square Brackets? It’s our amazing “Dom”, the Cologne Cathedral! Cologne is also a beautiful city to visit, and don’t forget you can visit lots of European places before and after the conference.

One last word about the location(s). The Coding Day will take place at Startplatz, which is an amazing co-working location in the middle of Cologne. The actual conference will take place at the “Old Auction House”, which is an amazingly good looking location which is more often used for weddings than conference — imagine that, or, actually, look a their pictures!


Objective-Cologne always happens after WWDC. The previous years we did it after the holidays — in september — but this year we decide to try it *right after* WWDC, so those of you who can’t attend get all the fresh news.


Both conference days are fully packed with 10 (!) sessions as well as 2 panels (one each day) from known speakers from all around the world. Also, we start the conference with a “Coding Day”, where you get to choose if you want to take part of our Hackaton or go in the labs. The first one might allow you to be shown/showcased the next day (and guess what, we’ll speak about you/your company) and the labs are exactly what it is @ WWDC: People that are hopefully better than you will help you fix your code or explain you this or that. Then again, those people in the labs (Speakers, but you as an attendee might want to volunteer as well) might actually learn from you!


7P_Logo_CMYKAlthough it stays @stuffmc’s baby, the conference is now financed by its employer, Seven Principles AG, a 650-people company where Stuff is “Apple Technologist” (read: he’s a Senior iOS Dev there *and* get to organise the conference as part of his job). We’re starting this year with an amazing set of “Early Bird” Tickets which are cheaper than ever. Also, we are always looking for further sponsors, so get in touch with us!

Accommodation, Food & beverage

For the price you get to have food and drink all 3 days — yes, we know, it’s crazy. As for accommodation, there are plenty of Hotels in Cologne, and we even secured a few rooms at 2 hotels nearby.